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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Have you been someone who has told you are a failure? If you don’t pass this exams you are good for nothing? If you don’t have 6 figure salary you are a loser in life? And the list can get bigger..

Since childhood we are told that getting good grades is a must. We were expected to excel in all the areas of life in which we participate. If not then we are labelled as failure. The name itself sounds so negative that children thinks that it is a dead end and that nothing else is possible once we are put in that category.

As we grow up we are expected to live up to reputation of our parents. it is expected of us that we need to maintain certain status in society, in front of our family and friends. I remember when I first failed in a subject very dear to me, I was more ashamed of the fact that how my friends will react. I was constantly thinking that will they still be with me ?– A FAILURE.

This took me a while, lot of setbacks and many more late-night thinking to understand that worth is not contingent on how much I have succeeded in life or whether or not I have distinction. My worth comes from MYSELF. Who am I as a person ?

We are only humans, who are fallible in nature. In management studies they first teach you to experience knockouts so that you get used to rejections, kick-offs which again come in the basket of the failure. Why do they teach you to experience rejection?

The journey of life is based on the fact that the road will always have bumps, will have dead ends but it is necessary to take a turn in life which will lead you to your peak. You can stop at the dead ends, think about which turn you want to take and also introspect why you reached the dead end. It is very necessary that we understand the reasons for our failure so we don’t repeat it. Failure creates emotional distress and this blocks the ability of individual to think and act. Instead, if the same failure fuels your intellect the chance of repeating the mistakes drastically lessens.

Today we live in a world where “to hustle” is the new way of life, there is need to continuously work harder, smarter and more to achieve things. And when in this hustle someone is failing it becomes a nightmare. The feeling of being behind in the race or falling out is extremely distressing. But is it so bad?

Failure is an event in life. This event that does not necessarily define your life. The best way to endure this event is – resilience. Life is like a trampoline when you fall hard you bounce back higher.

So let’s put on our resilient glasses, so that we can understand and experience this beautiful journey of life and see it in a lens that is more humane and kind.

Blog by - Pooja Inamke

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