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Upcoming Events at DhairyaDa

Live counselling session with an experienced psychotherapist

Community Social Reach

Redefining the nuances of the Social Responsibilities

Offering Special Discounts

Sponsoring/Offering special discounts for education of less privileged students.

Past Events at DhairyaDa

2023 DhairyaDa Meet Up- Student's Edition
Rewind, Relax, and Reconnect!


DhairyaDa recently hosted a free event for students who are feeling burned out from exams, graduation, internships, and never-ending entrance exams. The event was designed to help students rejuvenate, unwind, and connect with a community that understands what they are going through.

The event included a variety of activities, such as:
Networking opportunities with like-minded peers and seasoned professionals.
Captivating one-on-one talks with experienced organizational and counseling psychologists who provided valuable insights to help students navigate the challenges of burnout.

The event was well-attended and received positive feedback from the participants. Many students said that they found the event to be helpful and informative, and that they appreciated the opportunity to connect with other students who were going through similar experiences.

Workshop on Entrepreneurship skills in the field of Mental Health


A workshop on entrepreneurship in mental health was held recently at DhairyaDa by the CEO herself. It was designed to provide mental health professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to start their own practice. The curriculum was divided into four modules: entrepreneurship skills, marketing skills, administrative structure, and financial and time investment.​​

The workshop was well-attended, with a diverse group of participants from different backgrounds.
A wide range of topics were covered, from the basics of entrepreneurship to the specific challenges of marketing and managing a mental health practice.

Overall feedback was very positive as the workshop was a valuable resource as it covered a lot of ground, and the facilitator did a good job of providing practical advice and guidance from her personal experiences which cannot be found in books.


Workshop on Stress Relief and Mindfulness


In a world brimming with stress, our online workshop took participants on a journey armed with psychological insights and creative endeavors where we explored the ins and outs of stress & equipped attendees with practical techniques to combat stress.

We kicked off the session by unraveling the enigma of stress itself. From everyday annoyances to major life events, we delved into the different types of stressors, and empowered participants to take charge of their well-being.

We spiced things up with a brain-teasing crossword puzzle. 
Next up, we unleashed our inner artists with the transformative power of mandala art, where participants let their stress melt away as they discovered the soothing effects of channeling their emotions into works of art.

From stress to serenity, our online workshop provided a quirky yet effective toolkit for combatting the chaos of daily life. The participants left the virtual gathering with newfound techniques to tame the beast of stress and embrace a more tranquil existence.

Webinar on Industrial Psychology

An insightful webinar that aimed to introduce Industrial Psychology as a distinct field and explore its differences from Human Resources (HR). Industrial Psychology, also known as Organizational Psychology, focuses on understanding and enhancing human behavior in the workplace to optimize organizational effectiveness.


Unlike HR, which primarily deals with administrative tasks and personnel management, Industrial Psychology delves deeper into the psychological aspects of work, such as employee motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, team dynamics, and organizational culture. This webinar  provided an overview of the key principles, methodologies, and applications of Industrial Psychology, highlighting its unique contributions in driving organizational success and employee well-being.

Webinar on Anxiety

With First Contact - LGBTQ+ Metaverse.

First Contact is an invite-only metaverse, accessible on laptop or phone, for LGBTQ folx and allies to chill, work, and grow together in a safe space, and become part of a personal and professional queer network to rely on at any stage of life.


Practical Demo Cases Analysis and Presentations

Poetry Therapy Webinar

(where mental health meets words)

DhairyaDa Poetry Therapy Webinar

ITPCS : Integrated Program for Counselling Skills

A skill based learning opportunity to learn the approach to counselling. Includes application based learning of Counselling skills, case study presentation and direct session taking in front of supervisors to get feedback for skills.

Mindbrella - Annual Mental Health Fest

Workshops and Webinars at affordable rates. A celebration of our initiative of Mental Health work with everyone and anyone!

Net Guidance Batch - 4 (Offline and Online)

Webinars of take on different entrance exams

Workshops in diverse topics in Psychology

From Dream Analysis to Animal Assisted Therapy 

(Check out our upcoming section to know about further webinars.)

Dream Analysis

Learn the importance of dream analysis in therapy and learn how to analyse clients dreams to get better results.

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