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Siddhida kabara

Siddhida Kabara

Siddhida kabara

We GROW through what we GO through.

Siddhida kabara

If we know how to rise after every fall and if we learn lessons from the different phases of life with grace, half the battle is won there itself. The hope that gets generated through this process, will help you win the remaining 50% of the battle.

Siddhida Kabara

As a therapist, I am who my clients need me to be. Sometimes their biggest cheerleader, sometimes a neutral soundboard, sometimes a therapist who carves out internal surgeries to the soul and mind of the client so they can heal broken parts. I specialize in using relatable, quirky examples to help clients grow & adapt to their journeys. Assimilating different therapy models into one treatment model, curated to fit my client’s needs is my forte. As a supervisor and mentor, I am that one person who has your back. Scroll down to know more :)

Qualifications :​​​

  • B.A. (Psychology)

  • M.A. (Clinical Psychology)

  • Dip (Counseling skills)

  • Pg. Dip. (Counseling skills & Integrated Psychotherapies)

  • Dip. Community Mental Health (NIMHANS)


I work with :

  • Adults above 20 years of age

Mode of Consultation:

  • Online 

Scope of Practice :

  • Childhood & Adult Trauma.

  • Relationships, career & other personal issues.

  • Anxiety, depressive symptoms

  • Domestic violence & abuse.

  • Premarital and Couple counselling

  • Family conflict, marital discord, parenting, prenatal and postnatal stressors for parents, etc.

  • Personal growth, body image issues, procrastination, overthinking, etc

  • Communication Skills, Personality development

  • Supervision for practicing therapists

  • Private practice/ entrepreneurial guidance.


Siddhida kabara

Our struggles don't define who we are. Our ability to cope with them, our resilience and endurance to face life, that is what makes us who we are. I help clients find all parts of who they want to be and help them look at life with a newer perspective. My focus is always on healing clients in a way that makes them MORE of who they are, rather than fit them in any box or label of symptoms or of treatment. It's about you. I am just the lighthouse that will help you reach where you want to in life.

As a supervisor and mentor, I am that one person who has your back. I will guide you where required, help you learn the skill set of combining different therapy models to get that one unique recipe for your clients, be your sound board and critique when required. I will not just help you in giving your best to your clients but also use my experience as a CEO of an organization with consistent 100% growth rate, to help you build your career and practice. My experience and your ambitions, mixed with our love for the field, can take mental health to the next level in this country:)

In my personal life, I am a mountain that nurtures and creates energy around. I am a nature person and love travelling to different offbeat places. You will find carousels of different vibes, places and countries on my Instagram profile:) I also love binge watching and anything you are into, from action to romance, from Korean series to Marvel and DC, I am your go-to girl for all the discussions! 

Siddhida kabara

I am an Entrepreneur and a therapist. I am trying to build a safe space where people can come, rest, feel accepted and heard, so they can become the best version of who they want to be...not just for my clients, but also for my entire team. I think being a leader has always been my calling. Since childhood, I have wanted to change people’s lives. Being a CEO of a company which is trying to make mental health accessible at the grassroot level and to the highest reaches of Indian Society, is exactly who I am :)

Siddhida kabara

Learn to be your own hero. Be your own source of love, happiness, freedom and independence. You cannot give or receive with a broken cup.


Resilience is not a magic pill that can cure you. But resilience and hope can definitely act as a catalyst in your healing journey.


Taking a stand for yourself and learning to have your own back is important.


Kindness to yourself is as important as kindness to others.


"As already told, The sessions were amazing. I had come to DhairyaDa with 0 self esteem and no care for myself and was always dominated by how others think of me and I used to evaluate myself on that basis. I was out of a serious relationship when I had approached DhairyaDa. I used to cry every single day. But she has an amazing healing power. Her words create a profound impact on me. She has helped me love myself again. She does wonders to mental health. She is transforming my cluttered trash mind into a beautiful blossoming garden through her sessions and she is giving me the best gift she could, she’s giving me back myself! Thank you :)"

"My experience of therapy with Siddhida ma’am was amazing. She is there for me each time I ask for her help in my emotional ups & downs. I haven’t experienced this healing process before. Now I can understand myself & others better. I started managing my own emotions instead of ignoring or suppressing them. I started giving importance & respect to my decisions. Eventually it helped me to gain confidence. She brought me to some insights which I couldn't see before the therapy. She gave her Midas touch (It’s actually her Human touch) to my life & now there are going to be pauses & breaks but no looking back from my side."

"Siddhida ma'am has the right skill set required for a counselor - patience, understanding, a good pair of listening ears, a compassionate heart and a non-judgmental attitude. With her, you don't feel sidelined but you feel as though you are home. As a client, I've noticed positive changes in me in just 2 sessions with her. I thank her for taking me and accompanying me on my journey to be better."

"Siddhida ma'am helped me recognise the small steps I need to take in order to deal with the issues. She broke everything into simple pieces making it easy to understand and tackle."

"Siddhidha has changed my life and made me self sufficient to deal with whatever blocks may come ahead"

"The sessions were action based and solution focused. The therapist seemed attentive. Tips and techniques to overcome problems and develop practices were beautifully demonstrated."

"It was a lifetime experience for me. & The reason behind my healthy relationship with my mind & body is this therapy process & my therapist Siddhida ma’am. Thank you so much for being there with your unconditional trust & acceptance. Taking help from a right person saves you in all terms, I can say this for sure.."

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