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About DhairyaDa

The Full Story

While the world reeled under the pandemic's grip in 2020, DhairyaDa sprouted like a sunflower, seeking to nourish not just bodies but minds. Our mission? The goal of DhairyaDa is to give courage to as many people as possible and enrich their lives through our services.

Think of us as your friendly neighborhood mental health superheroes, ready to tackle anything from self-doubt's sneaky whispers to anxiety's storm clouds. There are various services that we provide but DhairyaDa isn't just a service list; it's a community, a hand outstretched in support. We're the therapists who listen like old friends, the supervisors who nurture budding minds, and the cheerleaders who remind you,


"You've got this!" So, whether you're navigating life's twists and turns solo or seeking a team to empower your journey, DhairyaDa awaits!

What Is DhairyaDa?

DhairyaDa means courage giver. This place is the beginning of raising awareness at the grassroots level and making mental health an everyday topic! We believe your mind and your well-being are the ultimate investments. Well, that's the secret sauce to life's success.

Think of us as your one-stop shop for mental health magic. Need to untangle that emotional spaghetti? Therapy's just a click away. Need a psychology tutor to crack those exams? Checkmate. Training for your employees to make them a better fit for the company? Super Check! You're a budding therapist seeking wisdom (and supervision)? We've got your back.


How are we doing this all? Because at DhairyaDa, we're a "WE," a team woven with purpose and passion. We're the steady hand on your shoulder, the patient ears who hear you out and say "you got this" as you navigate your own mind.

Cheers to DhairyaDa – my pride, my purpose, and the coolest playground for minds on a mission. Let's rewrite the script of mental health, one therapy session, one empowered team, one dream at a time!

~ By Siddhida Kabara, Founder.

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