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Aishwarya Kale

Aishwarya Kale

Healing is a choice

Aishwarya Kale

"This quote reminds me that healing is an active process that requires intentional decisions and actions. It acknowledges that healing is not a passive state that magically occurs, but rather a conscious choice to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and restoration. You are not what happened to you, you are what you made out of it--there is transformative potential within us. Regardless of our challenges and traumas, we can redefine ourselves, rise above our circumstances, and create a new narrative for our lives, embracing our power to shape our identities and destinies.:

Aishwarya Kale

Aishwarya Kale

I focus on an insight-based approach where I work on the issues in depth, while I also use solution focused activities and therapeutic tools that help my client have a better understanding and ability to work on their issues. I focus on making sure that the client feels the most humane in their therapeutic setting.

Qualifications :​​​

  • B.A Psychology

  • M.A Clinical Psychology

  • Diploma in Counseling Skills

I work with :

  • Individual

  • Group

  • Couples

  • Family

  • Above 15 years of age

Mode of Consultation:

  • Online preferred

  • Offline need based

Scope of Practice :

  • Trauma issues

  • Anxiety issues

  • Marital issues/Relationship issues

  • Self issues

  • Body image issues

  • Performance issues

  • Career guidance

  • Personal growth

  • Adjustment issues


Aishwarya Kale

I'm a very humane person, I believe in empathy. I believe in being remembered for the human I was before the things I did. I believe in changing. "I might have the bunny complex - the sirf rukna nahi chahta syndrome." Because I do believe in always moving forward. 

I am a person who had to grow up at a very young age so there is a child I always carry within myself. Well, seldom I try to balance both of them. I accept easily - everything around me. That helps me grow.

Aishwarya Kale

Sea waves make me realize how chaotic our lives are. We can only enjoy the sea when we learn to float or swim with the waves. We cannot make the waves go away but we can surf well and enjoy its beauty. I think my life has been filled with waves and Im trying to surf through them. And that is who I am.

Aishwarya Kale

I'm a psychologist and lecturer by profession. I do it because I'm good at it and I'm good at it because I do it.


I chose psychology because it was through psychology that my life, traumas, existence, reality everything made sense. And I fell in love with it! It found me at my worst so here I am giving it my best.


I also love to write, I've been a content writer for six months because I am expressive by nature. I'm also into fun content making, reel making etc. because I think sarcasm is my defense mechanism, but a very adult mechanism so I have my own way with it ;)

Aishwarya Kale

Go through it and then grow through it. 

Yes, fall down, fall back, fall harder but also rise. I do not believe in never falling down, but I surely do not believe in never getting up. What is life if not an act of lifting? Yourself and others!


"The journey has been very good, got to understand life from depth, there were days when I felt like suciding to for 1 or 2 days when getting to much depth in myself and feeling everything unworthy, but Aishwarya Mam helped me to see a life in different, practical and positive way. Ther's still a fear of loosing out, but have overcome 80% of compulsive actions due to compulsive thoughts, the behaviour of getting hyper have reduced strongly, which has in a way reduced the negative thoughts to. In a way progress! Thankyou so much!"

"I remember the day I had started the sessions the day when things were not falling in place and when being at my best seemed impossible. But now that I look back I have I have finally understood myself and things seem good and I am proud of myself!None of this would be possible without Aishwarya Ma'am. Thank you for making me believe in myself, making me capable of handling adversities and giving me new perspective towards life!"

"Suggestions And Recommendations Are Helpful. Collaborative Approach To Problem Solving Than Spoon Feeding Answers. Best Part - Hears Me Out Instead Of Lecturing Me And Asks Valid Questions Which Makes Me Question Myself And Helps Me Figure Out Things On My Own."

"My overall experience is excellent, each session has been very very productive, apart from the session, being in continuous contact in between also helps me a lot, looking forward for continuing sessions hence forth."

"My main motive of joining the sessions was to open up to a listener who won't judge me and help me to live a better life..and I am glad that I have got the platform and would love to continue

Really helpfulll! Right now it's mostly focused on what problems i have..i like the breakdown and answers of the questions i want answers to. The advises and homeworks do helpp!"

"Rejuvenating. Life changer Peaceful conversations which changed my perspective."

"Well guided. Introspective, Very helpful with an insight. I gained my inner peace.

It's only been one session, but I feel unconditionally supported. This has done wonders for me, her words feel like a caress. Loving the learnings so far!"

"My experience was very good. Sessions helped me to talk about the things which I was not able to talk about also it is helping me in overcoming them."

"It is very good..... I feel comfortable and good while speaking with aishwarya ma'am

It’s been really good. I’ve found a lot of reasons to my fundamental problems"

​​"It was so good. I felt so light hearted after the sessions."

"It was amazing I felt a lot better after the session

My overall experience was really satisfactory."

"Life changing."

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