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Arushi Deodhar


Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise


For me, Introspection is like a steering wheel guiding my decisions. It feels like peeling the layers of an onion and so it takes a lot of patience.  But it reminds me that even if you make a mistake, you can come to yourself, accept it and learn from it. 

Arushi Deodhar

For me, adding appropriate therapy tools to a session plan is similar to adding correct ingredients in a recipe. So I carefully blend different therapeutic aspects as per the client’s age, abilities, personality, interests and nature of problem. Hence I use an eclectic approach to healing. 

In group sessions, I focus on using participants’ group identity as a tool to make changes in themselves.

Qualifications :​​​

  • B.A Psychology

  • M.A Counseling Psychology

  • Diploma Counseling Psychology


  • PhD (Pursuing)

Scope of Practice :

  • Career Guidance 

  • Personal Growth

  • Communication Issues

  • Anxiety 

  • Overthinking, Procrastination Issues

I work with :

  • ​Adults above 15 years of age 

  • Individual

  • Group

Mode of Consultation:

  • Online 



I am someone who constantly tries to update herself. I am always into learning and exploring things. It is what keeps me ‘lively’. 

I have continuously worked on my social skills throughout these years (still in progress). So while looking back I can see different shades of myself from being a loner to the most talkative girl in the group.. And I love how all these shades coexist in me today..

For me, a river mirrors both sides simultaneously. It flows, rushing toward its goal and expanding its reach. At the same time it also serves as a home for many and helps people in settling down. This dual nature fascinates me. 

And yes… at its bank, I feel at home.


I am a psychologist. Back then as a 16 year old village girl, I chose this field due to its potential in solving my unanswered questions regarding people’s behavior. 

Besides that, teaching comes naturally to me. I love watching my students learn and grow. In this age of information, I firmly believe that teachers are essential in choosing the right path and making wise choices. Many such teachers have helped me to reach here and hence I want to continue the legacy. 

Additionally, I am an Actor. I love theater! It helps me not only to empathize with the character but to live its life, pain and joy. Theater makes me a better psychologist! 


I believe that life is about process rather than destiny. Destiny is cherished and amazing but it comes and goes in a movement. But what impacts us most is a process.. Let’s make it as fulfilling and memorable as possible....


Thankyou @Arushi Mam for your valuable time and guidance! Really recommend counseling for whoever is confused about where to start with when the syllabus gets overwhelming. Thankyou @Siddhida Kabara Mam for this wonderful initiative!🌻Happy to be a part of DIPS family!❤️

I appreciate @Arushi Mam’s guidance, it was insightful, and the techniques to overcome my procrastination of tasks which keeps on adding to lists can be now managed much better into manageable steps. Thank you! Ma’am🤗

Hey I just had the academic guidance session with @Arushi. Got some genuine advice and insights into PhD and if it's right thing for me as well as had good talk regarding questions related to my private therapy business. I will be sure to try out the tips! Thanks a lot🌸 Looking forward to the next session!

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