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Viplavi Joshi

Viplavi Joshi

Viplavi Joshi

"Haters gonna hate, Potatoes gonna potate, Rotis gonna rotate...who cares? YOU DO YOU”


-Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Viplavi Joshi

"Each of us has summoned a tremendous amount of courage to stand where we are today. Our journey has been an uphill climb, often accompanied by judgment, ridicule, and taunts regarding our identity and position. This uphill struggle is one we must face on our own, yet it's imperative to remain true to ourselves as we engage in these battles.


What transpires when we remain authentic is the preservation of our essence – the qualities we bring, our convictions, and our principles. In alignment, these facets empower us to fully embrace who we are and to carry out our unique actions. Life is a fleeting gift, lived to the fullest, right?


Discovering what I truly desire and who I am has taken time and the accumulation of life's experiences. I believe this journey of self-discovery is ongoing. However, the quote places me at the center of my universe, motivating me not to compromise my beliefs and my essential self.


So, in the face of external judgments and challenges, I'll continue to hold fast to my philosophy and my true essence. After all, we only have one life, and living it authentically is a choice worth making."

Viplavi Joshi

I strongly believe in adopting a person-centered approach to therapy, allowing the client to navigate their life journey at their own pace and comfort level. Nevertheless, I also employ an eclectic therapeutic approach that is customized to suit the individual needs of each client.


Throughout our sessions, my primary focus is on delving into the client's lived experiences. This approach empowers me to comprehend their personal journey and assists me in formulating how best to offer support.


I view it as a privilege when a client chooses to confide in me, sharing their most vulnerable moments. This privilege is something I deeply respect and value, ensuring that I approach it with the utmost care and consideration.

Qualifications :​​​

  • B.Psych 

  • M.Psych (Clinical Psychology)

  • Dip. in Counseling Skills 

  • Animal Assisted Therapy

  • MPhil trainee

I work with :

  • Individuals

  • Couples

  • Children

  • Geriatric population

Scope of Practice :

  • Anxiety, depression and adjustment difficulties

  • Relationship, couples and marital issues

  • Physical and Psychological trauma

  • Family difficulties

  • Personal growth

Mode of Consultation:

  • Online


Animal Therapy

If I have to describe myself in just three words, I'd go with Kind, Resilient, and Explorer. Life has tossed its share of surprises my way, and it's been a recent journey in learning how to hit those curveballs right out of the park. Regardless of the challenges hurled at me, my hope for a brighter tomorrow remains unshaken.


Believe me, summoning kindness toward ourselves and courage in our interactions with others is an ongoing battle, requiring an abundance of both. Each day, we rise and fight, rebuilding our strength to face whatever comes our way.


As for my dreams, they're all about embracing life in its fullest capacity. I aspire to be an individual who explores every facet of existence – both personally and professionally. My ambitions lead me to confront my deepest fears while embracing the thrill of adventure that resides within me. I aim to be an explorer of not only places and flavors but also of the stories, connections, and lives that make up our diverse world.

Animal Therapy

Back when I was in 10th grade, I brought home a puppy. We took care of him for a week, but my parents weren't on board with the idea, so we had to let him go. Looking back, had I recognized my passion for animals then, I might have treaded the path of becoming a veterinarian. Life, however, had its own plan, and now, I'm merging my affection for psychology and animals by incorporating Animal Assisted Therapy whenever as and when required.

Animals, in all their forms, hold a special place in my heart. They're my teachers, showing me the art of patience, the beauty of individuality, and the charm of being sassy yet irresistibly adorable. It's a personal mission of mine to infuse animal-related activities into my therapy sessions (provided, of course, the client shares my love for animals!).
Why, you ask? Because I genuinely believe that animals possess a unique ability to heal us in ways that fellow humans simply can't.

Viplavi Joshi

I'm a psychologist and lecturer, driven by the belief that every individual, regardless of their story, deserves to be acknowledged and listened to. Being a part of my clients' and students' journeys is an honor I hold dear. Through psychology, I've unraveled my own experiences, gained insight into others' struggles, and realized that amidst the challenges that exist, there are souls out there with hearts of pure gold.


My passion for exploring life's myriad dimensions extends beyond my professional role. I cherish embarking on trips that lead me to new horizons, unearthing fresh aspects of existence and discovering new places. While my journey of exploration has just begun, the rhythm of life itself makes me feel undeniably alive.

Sleeping Kitten

Rise like a phoenix. I believe everyone is innately very courageous and resilient to bounce from the things that life throws at us. There are moments when we must allow ourselves to be reduced to ashes, only to emerge stronger, embodying the spirit of the majestic phoenix.


"Somewhere I already knew what I should do and not do for my mental health...but it had to be uncovered from the expert. Viplavi helped me start my healing journey. I have become stronger than ever! Sure, life still gives me challenges but I have much better responses to them. Sometimes I surprise myself by how good my decisions were."

There are a lot of people who aspire to go abroad for higher education but very few of them could make it. I am the lucky one who have taken the decision and now working on it to get it succeeded and Honestly saying,  commandment of the decision was quite difficult. 
Deciding to go away from your family, friends and overall comfort zone is easy but getting yourself prepared for that is a tough task. 
Preparing myself to leave India, away from my loved once was a very confusing phase for me like, I was excited, curious and thrilled about my future journey but on the other hand there was anxiety, loneliness,  fear of missed out, nervourness, career pressure and a mild depression as well and all these made me doubting my decision .
These all feelings were at its peak when I decided to take help from the expert and indeed, she was good enough to get me out of it, Viplavi Joshi. 
I started talking to her about my feelings. There were times when I called her literally crying, shouting and deversated and She was perfect as a listener. She listened to me very patiently every single time. 
To revive my excitement, she gave me different tasks and they were really helpful. The relaxing and breathing exercises also were very calming. Overall, all the things were quite enough to make me feel positive about my decision.
Today, I am someone who is very Inquizitive about the future and  blissful for my decision. I am all ready for my future adventures and much more confidant to face the difficulties and Ms. Viplavi has a lot of credit for this.
Today also I get nervous but all I know is, she is just a call away to help me in every situation and I am really thankful for having her as my counselor.

"A unique and great experience undoubtedly.
I appreciate and thank Ms. Viplavi for helping me to develop myself.
She is very kind and respectful, understands my issues and provides great strategies with reality checks on how I can help myself get better. It is truly a pleasure to have Ms. Viplavi as my therapist!🙌🏻

Thank so much Viplavi🙌🏻"

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