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Client Feedbacks

(with clients' permissions)

At DhairyaDa, we have helped more than 200 people and completed 4000+ sessions. We constantly try to destigmatize mental health and help every person that comes across us. If you want to talk, we are here!

Do you want to know what keeps us motivated? Knowing that DhairyaDa is making people's lives better!
Have a look at the positive feedback from some of our clients

"Therapy was my light at the end of the tunnel when I couldn't see it. I am so much more at peace than I was before therapy.  I've gained so many wonderful and thought-provoking insights.

Therapy does not solve all your problems. It equips you to deal with them. It might be difficult to seek out help if you're a mental health professional yourself, but I've realized that there is nothing as beautiful as the process of therapy. No shame, no weakness.

The days are long gone when mental health was ignored and stigmatized. there is nothing braver than asking for help when you need it, and DhairyaDa will make sure you get the right kind of direction when you're feeling lost. Siddhida ma'am is extremely kind and non-judgemental in her approach. I felt accepted exactly as I am, and at every step of the way, her faith in me kept me motivated to get better."

~ Ashka, 25

Female, Psychologist

"The experience was something I'll never ever forget. I started taking therapy at the stage I thought nothing is ever gonna help. I always knew I had issues but I never thought I'll be able to open up in front of anyone. But Siddhida, more than a therapist, worked like a mother/best friend/mentor (all in one) who understood me like nobody ever has. I feel so much more capable and in charge of my own life. I could finally take control of my own steering wheel instead of being just passively watch life go by on the backseat."


"As cliché as it sounds, it was the ray of hope, of sunshine in the dark world and the best decision I took so far."

~ Anonymous, 24, 

 Female, Doctor

"I was at my worse when I had approached you, I honestly did not know what was going on with me. As we gradually started therapy, I kept getting insight on why I used to experience anxiety, panic. So it took about 1 year to physically overcome depression and mentally it had taken a few more months. I wouldn't have been able to come out of it for sure if it wasn't for your therapy sessions. 

I believe you even provide coaching and take workshops. The classes I attended with you were always amazing."

~ Anonymous, 25

 Male, Fighter

"The experience of therapy was insightful yet calm and composed while taking most important decisions of my life.

Therapy definitely has brought about a lot of changes. The things I have not been able to say for the fear of being judged or not valued became secondary and I became a priority."

~ Anonymous, 25

 Female, Professor

The journey has been very good, got to understand life from depth, there were days when I felt like suciding to for 1 or 2 days when getting to much depth in myself and feeling everything unworthy, but Aishwarya Mam helped me to see a life in different, practical and positive way.
Ther's still a fear of loosing out, but have overcome 80% of compulsive actions due to compulsive thoughts, the behaviour of getting hyper have reduced strongly, which has in a way reduced the negative thoughts to. In a way progress!
Thankyou so much!😄

The experience of all the sessions were good. It made me realize a lot of things. My therapist name is Aishwarya mam. She is doing amazing job no doubt but there is a thing which we can work on it is about giving examples. My trigger point is marriage. When you give me example regarding marriage and relationship in that the example you say " imagine you are married or have a relationship....." that part of me is little triggered so I hope it doesn't happen again. I know I have to work on that part of my life but right now those examples make me feel bad about myself. But yes in future when I am improving you can give those example. Overall you are an attentive listener. It feels that you validate me a lot and also frequently message me . It feels good. You have a great power of asking questions which makes me think of lot of stuff. So keep it up <3

"I have been in and out of therapy with DhairyaDa for about a year and it has been the most enlightening experience. In this time, I not only learnt to manage my problems better, but also explored and understood myself better. I would say that undergoing therapy has taught me more about myself, made me a stronger and more resilient person.

It has taught me to be confident and assertive, to stand up for my values and that I am capable of things I never thought I could do. I would like to thank Siddhida Ma'am for always being there when I needed her, for going above and beyond to make sure I continued my healing journey and guiding me through my roughest patches so that I could be here today."

~ Akshada, 23

 Female, Mental Health Practitioner

Suggestions And Recommendations Are Helpful. Collaborative Approach To Problem Solving Than Spoon Feeding Answers. Best Part - Hears Me Out Instead Of Lecturing Me And Asks Valid Questions Which Makes Me Question Myself And Helps Me Figure Out Things On My Own.

"The sessions helped me to introspect and see my self again. It was very very helpful."

"The sessions were great it helped reconnect with my emotions. That was so insightful for me."

My overall experience is excellent, each session has been very very productive, apart from the session, being in continuous contact in between also helps me a lot, looking forward for continuing sessions hence forth.

Rejuvenating. Life changer
Peaceful conversations which changed my perspective. Well guided.
Introspective, Very helpful with an insight.
I gained my inner peace.

"It was nice … the journey to know my self to love my self and accept the mistake's. The sessions gave me space where I can share anything . And experience the feeling which are compressed somewhere."

I remember the day I had started the sessions the day when things were not falling in place and when being at my best seemed impossible. But now that I look back I have I have finally understood myself and things seem good and I am proud of myself! None of this would be possible without Aishwarya Ma'am. Thank you for making me believe in myself, making me capable of handling adversities and giving me new perspective towards life!

Student Feedbacks

"I think you are a great teacher. The most interesting part is that you discussed every aspect of OD and OB with practical descriptions. And I shouldn't forget to mention that you are a good counselor too ☺️☺️"

"She has been very helpful for my research project. Every question was answered by her many times."

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