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Batch 04

This diploma was created in order to

bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge of therapies and its application in real-life situations.

The skillset and techniques required to practice in the real world are diverse, and this demands rigorous training. 

This course includes not just theory subjects like psychotherapies and counselling skills but also focuses on demo sessions, case studies, and an intense internship experience, which together help students become "job-ready".

counselling & psychotherapies




March '24 - Dec '24



ENGLISH (Hindi is used to connect with students and help them relate better along with English)


  • Introduction to counselling skills

  • In-depth exploration of counselling skills and application

  • Understanding the process of counselling

  • Advanced understanding of counselling process: ethical considerations

PSYCHOTHERAPIES : Application in Clinical and Counselling settings

  • Introduction to psychotherapy

  • Psychodynamic therapies

  • Behaviouristic and cognitive therapies - CBT, REBT

  • Humanistic, existential therapies and

  • Other important therapies: Narrative, Family, Dialectical etc.

Simulated Training
under supervision &  Internship with real clients under supervision



Practicing Psychologist & Trainer since 6.5 years

Lead Facilitator of psychotherapies subject, Supervisor for internship and simulated training

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-03 at 10.33.34.jpeg

She will captivate you with practical-based learning, real-life examples, and techniques to handle clients like a pro. Get depth and laughter doses in the same setting. Her lectures are so therapeutic that personal growth is an additional gift.


Practicing Psychologist & Trainer since 3.5 years.

Co-Facilitator for Counselling Skills & Co-Supervisor for the Simulated Training 


She will make mastering counseling skills a fun and engaging adventure.

Her lectures are filled with relatability quotient that will make the content simpler in execution.


Counselling Psychologist with experience of more than 7 years in the field.

Lead facilitator for Counseling Skills & Supervisor for internship 

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-21 at 12.29.03.jpeg

She is the perfect blend of brains and heart, will bring counseling to life through interactive sessions that turn your experiences into learning gold. Counseling skills come alive with her. Discover the human touch of counseling and how it works in the real world!


Clinical Psychologist, 5 years of experience.

Supervisor for Clinical Internship

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He will equip you with the clinical expertise to tackle real-life cases with confidence. Dive into the clinical aspects of therapies and learn to handle cluster A,B,C symptoms of Personality!

Click on Facilitator's Image to see full profile.

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