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Neha Mogre


"I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul."


"These profound lines extracted from my cherished poem 'Invictus' by William Henley encapsulate a sentiment I hold close.


I've come to an understanding that taking charge of one's life and embracing the consequences of one's choices is a journey of profound self-discovery. This expedition leads us to an authentic understanding of our essence. When we are not happy with our current situation, we always have the opportunity to change it. We can choose to become the person we envision ourselves to be. This is what gives life its meaning and purpose.

Neha Mogre

My therapeutic ideology leans heavily towards insight therapy and solution-focused therapy, underpinned by a non-directive approach. I believe that therapy should focus on actionable steps instead of just focusing on their limitations.


Within my therapeutic practice, I guide clients to navigate the depths of their psyche, confronting even the most shadowed aspects and tackling subjects that might otherwise cause discomfort. My role is to help clients explore the hidden meanings behind their silences and resistance.


And I believe and practice:  "Live your life by choice and not chance."

Qualifications :​​​

  • Pursuing Masters in Clinical Psychology

  • Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling skills

I work with :

  • Individuals, all ages, couples, LGBTQIA+

Scope of Practice :

  • Relationship issues 

  • Couple Intimacy Issues

  • Career 

  • Personal Issues

  • Childhood Trauma

Mode of Consultation:

  •  Online & Offline

(Offline - Mumbai)



An individual who is aware never encounters a situation where they have no choices. My strengths and weaknesses are braided– stemming from my non-judgmental perspective. I believe that within each person, one can find a whole spectrum of attributes: shadows and light, the anima and the animus. The proportions vary, making every individual unique.


I think that change is possible, but it's up to each individual to make it happen. I've personally witnessed the magic of therapy and self-discovery, solidifying my compliance to the principle of practicing what I preach.


In essence, my approach mirrors my own experiences, and the important thing is to recognize that we have choices and to make the best ones we can.

Neha Mogre

To me, nature embodies both resilience and beauty. It is a world of contradictions: the juxtaposition of extremes held in delicate balance, the cacophony within silence, and the impartiality of existence coupled with a predisposition for survival. These very paradoxes, I discover, mirrored within myself.

Neha Mogre

I'm currently in the role of a trainee counselor (under supervision) while also working in the banking sector. My experience as a banker ignited my aspiration to become a counselor. Through my banking role, I recognized the perpetual potential for growth and development. I realized that humans often experience a sense of inadequacy when they cease to evolve. This sentiment is beautifully captured by Maslow's hierarchy, illustrating how once basic needs are met, the pursuit shifts towards fulfilling the next tier of needs. Otherwise, individuals may resort to destructive coping mechanisms for survival.


Embracing the role of a counselor equips me with the tools to facilitate and steer individuals in addressing these evolving needs. It's a fulfilling endeavor that resonates deeply with my own journey of growth and improvement.

Neha Mogre

Each individual must possess an understanding of their desires and requirements to be empowered to make decisions that steer their life's course. They should take ownership of their decisions and be willing to accept the consequences, both good and bad – a responsibility that must be embraced. Once we realize this, life transforms into a roller coaster of adventurous and enjoyable experiences.


"Neha Mam is really supportive and gives practical solutions."

"The counselor is strong and understands deeply. They explain things so well, especially when I feel stuck, and they make finding solutions easy. It makes the whole process feel smoother."

"She helps you see the good within yourself. The small activities she suggests are creative and a fun way to learn about yourself."

"She's a fantastic psychologist. She's patient, friendly, and gets where I'm coming from. She teaches me and pushes me to be a better version of myself. Her tasks are manageable and make me feel accomplished. She customizes her approach and truly gets what I need to improve. With her help, my addiction has gone down by 99%. I feel lucky to have her."

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