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Disconnect to Reconnect!

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Remember Arjun (Hrithik) from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? An uptight guy, a full workaholic man on a mission to prove to everyone that he is the best. He avoids going on a vacation, but after a lot of emotional blackmailing drama from his friends, he does go! And then voila!!! We see that amazing, interesting, happy Arjun who not only decodes life and overcomes his fears but finds his partner as well.

Yes, That’s what a break does.

Break for productivity and stress reduction: There is surplus evidence that suggests they can be beneficial – reducing stress, keeping workers engaged, and making work more enjoyable.

Breaks for the body: Microbreaks are thought to help us cope with long periods at our desks by taking the strain off certain body structures – such as the neck – that we’re using all day!!!

A Break for negativity: Social Media is inducing more and more anxiety in people than it is doing good for connecting people. When you take a break from social media, it helps you to stay in the present, connect with the real humans who will be there for you which will release the happy hormones thus helping you balance the need to connect and build a network in the virtual world and keeping your life real and not just reel.

Break for knowing thy self: This is the ultimate goal. Disconnecting with the chaos and the noise to feel yourself. Giving chance to your senses and your body to tell you that you need to work on them too.

But dear people, Break can be as short as a few minutes, talking to the person sitting in the next cubicle or as long as one year sabbatical from work. You don’t always need to plan an amazing expensive Hawaii or goa vacation to enjoy the benefits of a break. AThisplan seldom works, as it takes a lot of effort and elaborate planning. So next time you need to charge, just go to some offbeat place for 2 days and that disconnect will be very refreshing the next day at work you will be one of those happy employees!!

-Neha More

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