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Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Every one of us has reached in our life to such a stage where life seems meaningless. Yes whether identity crisis or existential crisis. "Main Aisa Kyu Hu" ya "Main Yaha kyu hu".

And this is the time when you want to take a leap of faith to find the meaning. Whatever has happened well, bad, or simply put life. Whether you are settled with "Wah Sunil Babu, Naya Ghar, Nayi Gadi, Nayi Biwi... Badhiya hai" or still lost in the making of your financially stable life.

I too got into such a phase, where life was simply too simple and nothing was good enough for me to be excited for. I had a nice Sarkari Naukri and family and all but on Monday morning it was like the Ved in Tamasha Movie.

And one day was just scrolling down mindlessly through WhatsApp status and found this French course. Just like that, I whatsapped her. Fortunately, she wasn't like me. Lazy in my comfort zone. She enthusiastically talked about the French course and persuaded me to join by connecting politely. From 1st the online class will start on zoom call. I was so sure that this may be my first and last zoom class. Joined reluctantly just to be polite enough. And sitting there with different aged gal pals it must have been the most exciting time in the last 15 years. I was feeling 20 at the age of 36 especially when my teacher scolded me for my wrong pronunciation. And yes that was the turning point of my life.

Yes friends learning is that powerful. It will prolong your life biological as your brain will leave the automatic mode and activate the active conscious one. And this newly added skill will be a feather in your cap and may help you for professional growth or personal growth. Maybe you know French just like that and in your office expansion for Canada, they need a person knowing French, and voila! You are posted to Canada.

~ Neha Mogre

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