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My Journey of getting into MPhil

I consider myself extremely lucky to get into MPhil. One fine morning, I went through Google News and saw that the MPhil entrance exam dates have been declared, and we can fill out the forms. I didn't notice it because I knew I could not crack it. Since completing my master's, I studied a diploma course in counseling skills and did an advanced animal-assisted therapy course, but I still felt I was not competent enough. My aim seemed to be a blur, confused between PhD and MPhil because deep down, I knew I wanted to study more.

My personal life had already taken a hit, and I wanted to prove that "you still got it." So I filled in the entrance exam forms for two universities (Gujrat and Rajasthan), only two, thinking if I had to get in, I would otherwise pursue a PhD.

There was hardly a month left for the entrance exams, and I worked two jobs. That's when I realized I needed to plan a study program. My first step was to look at the entrance exam syllabus for both universities. Since the syllabus was vast and I had only a month, reading the books did not make sense. What helped me at the time was solving as many MCQs as I could. I tried to devote at least 2 hours every day to solving MCQs. As the dates for the entrance exam neared, I tried to double my efforts.

The entrance exams for Rajasthan and Gujrat were, again, due to some luck, not that difficult. It made me wonder what makes people so skeptical about passing the exam. The interview process for both was difficult, asking questions right from basics of psychology to "why I want an admission to this particular college." Now, here I was, after the interviews, thinking and possibly knowing that I would not get into any of the colleges.

Days went by, and I lost hope but then came an email from Rajasthan University that I was selected. And not just that, I was 3rd in merit all over India and 1st and the only one from all over Maharashtra. It still surprises me whenever my imposter syndrome takes the driver's seat.

My Journey doesn't end at the admission. It just began. I was so excited to leave my home and enter a completely different state, culture, and people. It moved me to the core of my being, feeling like I was undergoing metamorphosis.

What I learned from this experience was that getting into MPhil is complex, the process is exhausting, and it's a practice of hope. Hard work is the main ingredient; with a dash of luck, you can crack the most challenging entrance exams. This is when I feel, "If I can do this, anyone can."

-Viplavi Joshi

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Oct 13, 2023

Heartiest congratulations 🥳

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