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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

At a cafe, I was sitting alone, sipping a heavenly cup of strong coffee. An acquaintance of mine approached me.

He asked me, "Hey, you went to such a beautiful location, your pics were awesome."

"Thank you"

"So you went with someone I felt "

"Yes, I did."

"Oh, whom?"



"No, A partner"


"A person with whom you have decided to spend your whole life."

"Yeah, husband, right?"

"Ummm, you know I was divorced 5 years back."

"Yeah, that's why I am shocked."

"So, I went with my life partner,"




"Partner who stands with me in tough times, a partner whose hand I hold when that person needs me, a partner who understands my silence, a partner who gives me my space to fight my little battles, a partner who wants to spend time with me, a partner whom I don't need, but I want." "But who is that person?"

I kept the change for the waiter, gave a grin to this friend, and left.

I wasn't sure, how to tell the world that it was not any him but her. My life partner was a person whom I could let in my heart after so much damage was done. After the separation and divorce I decided, this is it for me. I am not going to trust any other human anymore. But this beautiful soul, I couldn't keep her out for long. She has suffered too, the pain, two years back when her parents threw her in one small bhk and unofficially disowned her for being lesbian. She knew the pain and so it was beautiful..We just sat and connected. I wasn't sure whether I was all on this side or not. But just her presence in my life made me want to exist. And give another try at this weird construct called life. I am not yet sure if I am homosexual but I know she is my soulmate and it's about being in partnership and living a happy life, even if physical transactions aren't part of our partnership.

- Anonymous

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