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Re-Learning Learning!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Being an adult, your answer to the question what you enjoyed most, childhood or being adult? Many will definitely say childhood. Right? That innocence, the time spent with your chaddi buddies, that ice gola man in front of school and what not. But we subtly forget the most fun part of our childhood which made the world look magical and made us awed!! Oh wow!! This is the reason this is happening. Yes friends, LEARNING. I am not talking about the rote learning you did in school or memorizing names of the capital but the actual exploration of any subject. At the age of 5, I thought when my dad turned his head right the Vespa also turned but when I knew it was not my dad’s head that controlled the direction but the steering handle he held, it was like OHHH HHH!!! Any exam whether it is of school or life, you will pass with flying colors when your fundamentals are strong. That’s why for preparing UPSC (whose syllabus was said as anything under sky) we study NCERTs basic subject textbooks from 6th standard. Why? Getting clarity on fundamentals, which is basic, is what you need to be smart enough to get through the exams. Making your base strong is one step ahead to success. But what about the “teachers”. Our parents, teachers in the school. Unknowingly we were adopting their understandings, their biases, their learnings. When my mother scolded my brother for peeking in another student’s paper even just for cross checking his answer, I came to know that cheating, however small, is bad. Learning from the right person is also crucial for mental growth, self awareness. In today's Google world, there is tons of information available about anything and everything. Those may be half baked theories of someone or may be detailed analysis about a controversial topic. Reading the right content to avoid chaos and ultimately not over exhaust mind resources is another need for good learning. I think there is chaos everywhere right now! Especially in our minds as we are experiencing the effect of “free will”. Too many choices and options with lucrative offers to attract but is it worth to engage the most valued asset of our “TIME”? It took almost 3 decades of trial and error to get courage to get out of mediocrity. Bold steps and courage may have helped me to reach my dream , but again, how much time I could afford to lose only to understand what the experienced already know. Shouldn’t I take advantage of established people’s knowledge and move faster? I realized this only after meeting a “mentor” whom I could respect and have faith in as she also has travelled through rough roads and rose up with beautiful scars in the field I intend to excel. Learning new skills is the only way to survive in this evolving digital age. It not only keeps us relevant but also rejuvenates. And if we just add excellent mentors in this journey, it will be an awakening. As Einstein rightly stated: “The day you stop learning, you start dying” Finding the right person to learn from, with the right resources, respecting our time and strengthening our foundations is the best way to get real knowledge!!

Article by : Neha Mogre

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