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Central Perk of Mental Health Tee (WHITE)

Central Perk of Mental Health Tee (WHITE)

A FRIENDS-inspired twist that proudly declares your dedication to helping others navigate the complexities of the human mind. After all, a good psychologist is more than just a therapist - they're a confidant, a guide, and maybe even a metaphorical lobster (minus the claws, hopefully!).


This tee celebrates the engaging, supportive, and yes, even FUN side of psychology. You're there for your patients, just like the FRIENDS were there for each other - through thick and thin, laughter and tears. So, wear this tee with pride! It's a reminder that mental health matters and that sometimes, the best therapy sessions feel as comfortable and uplifting as re-watching your favorite FRIENDS episode.

And who knows, maybe you'll inspire someone to seek the support they need, just like you're there to provide it.

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    Bio-Washed, Preshrunk Cotton Colour: White

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