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Pooja Inamke

Pooja Inamke

pooja inamke

Just like moons and like the sun,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I rise !!

- Maya Angelou

pooja inamke

"Life has a funny way of surprising us with unexpected twists and turns, but I've learned to embrace those beautiful curveballs it throws my way. It's a delicate dance of knowing when to seize the opportunities presented to me and when to gracefully navigate the challenges that come my way. 
In those moments when it feels like I'm standing alone, without anyone by my side, I find solace in the fact that I always have my hope. It's a powerful force that propels me forward, reminding me of my inner strength and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead."

Pooja Inamke

Allowing humans to be humane is a core principle on which I have based my practice. I inculcate an eclectic approach while practicing in a session. Anchoring myself to a humanistic approach while using REBT & CBT practices.


"Your mistakes are milestones not dead ends, they shouldn't stop you from creating your beautiful story"

Qualifications :​​​

  • M.A in Industrial Psychology

  • PG diploma in Clinical and Counselling Professional Skills

  • SET qualified

  • Certification In REBT and CBT

I work with :

  • Adults above 18 years

Mode of Consultation:

  • Online

Scope of Practice :

  • Anxiety Issues

  • Adult and Childhood Trauma

  • Body Image Issues

  • Queer Affirmative

  • Family conflicts

  • Relationship issues

  • Self esteem issue

  • Work stressors

  • Domestic and Sexual Abuse

  • Career counselling


Pooja Inamke

As a person I'm someone who always wants to know everything. I like to ask the why and how for all the things I do. I think I am someone who has grown up with a lot of curiosity within so that curiosity is seen in my work and the way I live my life. I am always “are you content in life?” asking kind of person. My focus for myself and others always has been on not being happy but more with being content with the way you are creating your life. Happiness is quite subjective and it is more of a way of thinking rather than something you find in people or things. You cannot always be happy, but your decisions can make you content in life. This contentment comes with a peace within that is not contingent upon anyone or anything.
I always attempt to be a person who creates a life rather than just go with the flow of what is there in front of me.


For me sunsets have always evoked a calming and serene pause within, asking me look at how I have lived another wonderful day... You lived another wonderful day and can look forward to something more beautiful than this. Sunsets and skies just evoke a sense of hope and with that comes a lot of possibilities. Hope that no matter how the day ended today, tomorrow is another new day filled with new challenges, blocks that you can overcome just to gaze at the wonderment that sunsets have to offer.


You must be wondering why I chose this profession. I am an Industrial Psychologist, counselor, and teacher. The diversity of human behavior in different contexts has always fascinated me, and it led me to pursue a career in psychology. Understanding why individuals behave the way they do has been my primary focus. I firmly believe that my life experiences have equipped me to assist those who are in need of guidance in discovering their own unique paths.


The power of belief has always been a fundamental principle that guides my work. Over the past three years, I have witnessed firsthand how individuals can unlock their potential for change once they truly believe in themselves. Sometimes, it becomes my responsibility to instill that belief and provide them with the necessary encouragement to create the life they truly desire.


My approach to life has always been to create a life that when you look back, you can say, "yes that’s a story I wrote and it’s filled with amazing and kind characters, picturesque locations and brimmed with love and laughter till the end. It is messy, it is raw and it is full of me and the abundance of memories that I collected on my journey of life."


"Thanks to you, today I talked with my father and kadvahat is slowly going. I am able to feel my emotions and that numbness is slowly fading."

"Ma'am whatever we had a discussion in sessions I'm able to apply, relate it. The things with my family will be getting resolved one by one, but the strength to actually face it is what I get from these sessions. Thank you ma'am"

"Hello.! I just felt I should let you know how I have been.. So I've been good.. as I had told you in one of our session that I wanted to be a part of performing team for the firodia karandak.. That did happen.. we practiced alot.. More importantly I jumped wayy out of my comfort zone, wore Western clothes, wore clothes which I never imagined I'll be okay with, danced on stage in front of more than 300+ people..! And entered the finals and secured 2nd position..! Thankyou so much for believing in me..! :)"

"It was a great experience. I felt safe talking to her. She was genuinely very supportive and helped me to talk everytime I felt I was stuck. Her methods of making me find the solution for myself was commendable!"

"It is good. Pooja ma'am was always there. At the end of session conclusion was made. Eg. Giving task, working on emotions,situation.This Help to clear, sort out things.That was the satisfaction I got.Apart from session in case of emergency or on whatsApp ma'am was there to guide me."

"It was nice … the journey to know my self to love my self and accept the mistake's. The sessions gave me space where I can share anything . And experience the feeling which are compressed somewhere."

"It was greatttt! Felt like I found my way with every session! And Pooja is a great friend even while the session! Made me feel like we are together in it! A big thank you for being there! Thank you!"

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