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All about RCI Mphil!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

I remember visiting the exam entrance hall recently to appear for the Mphil entrance exam. There were around more than 100 students present and the seats were around 18. Now seeing the competition, this gives rise to a lot of questions of relevance, importance, and use of Mphil in Clinical Psychology. Well, let us dive into it. 

Now, Mphil in Clinical Psychology and RCI Mphil in Clinical Psychology are two different things. The difference is the end product and the pattern of guidance provided. RCI(Rehabilitation Council of India) is an apex body that is responsible for the licensing of Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatric social workers in the field of Mental health in layman's terms. That is, just as you need a license to drive a car, you need a license to diagnose people. Wait! Diagnose? Is that a new word you heard? Let me take you to the core reason why was an RCI license created in the first place. 

In India, after Masters in Clinical Psychology, you become a Psychologist. Well, now you would contradict this by saying that if I do a masters in Industrial psychology, I become an Industrial Psychologist! Then why not this kind of liberty with the clinical side? Because when working with the clinical population, you work on a spectrum of people with certain disorders that need the rightful diagnosis. For that, a masters is insufficient. A masters is theory-based, but how to diagnose a clinical disorder and how to work with people, is a practical skill set. Also diagnosing and working with the clinical population is a responsibility. Hence, the need for a system. A system that RCI created to have a hold over the functioning of clinical psychologists in India. 

Is Mphil important?

Well, that depends on what you expect from the field for you. If you want to work with the normal population, you won't need a Mphil. If you want to work with the clinical population in hospitals, NGOs, and government initiatives, well then you do need an RCI Mphil. 

Certain key pointers to remember for RCI Mphil :

  1. Minimum eligibility is a Masters Degree in Psychology with 55% passing. 

  2. You have to clear the respective entrance exam and interview to get in. 

Few colleges that offer RCI Mphil in India include:

  1. NIMHANS, Banglore

  2. CIP, Ranchi


  4. PGIBAMS, Raipur

  5. AIBHAS, Delhi

Well, now you would ask me what is the difference between Ph.D. and Mphil, and well if I want to go for Mphil, how do I prepare for the entrances? 

To get your answers to both these questions, stay tuned for our next academic blog! 

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24 maj 2023

Thank you for this informative piece. I was wondering if i can practise as a clinical psychologist if i have an Mphil in clinical psychology from Europe..

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