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As we go ahead, so does Corona!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

"Whats the point in knowing everything,

when you have the gift of surprise,

a gift, a punishment or an obstacle you say,

I say, 'not knowing' is an opportunity in disguise.

I don't know what happens next,

Neither do you,

I just know whatever happens,

you and me are right here, right now hoping for a better due."

For a person like me, uncertainty has always been an anxiety trigger. Who likes not knowing what comes ahead? If you are like the many, you know what I am trying to say. But 2020 changed that for us. All we had was uncertainty. And that did teach us to survive. To accept.

There are many lessons we all learnt from 2020 and 2021 and when we finally thought everything was back to normal, suddenly we know, it can't be. As we go ahead, so does corona. And it seems inevitable. But as we and corona both go ahead, we know we are much better prepared than yesterday.

Does the idea of a lockdown again scare us? Yes it does. Does the idea of not meeting our loves ones made us sad? Yes it does. Does the idea of giving on many things make us upset? Yes it does. But at the same time we know, that we have all learnt to live in the uncertainty.

We have all found ways to be connected to our loves ones, keep our passion going, do the things we love. Does it mean corona won't affect us? Well it will. But the uncertainty of corona does not affect the certainty within us, the certainty to fight back, the certainty to have it all and the certainty to accept the uncertain.

Written by - Aishwarya Kale

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