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Remember the scene from the Marvel's Free Guy movie. The main actor that is Guy has same routine, no change, the food he eats, the people he meets, and every single thing. No CHANGE. But then he becomes a superhero, when... Right... when he changes. He takes a risk and jump into the uncharted waters. Yes, CHANGE is that powerful. It can make you a superhero too.

Since childhood we do undergo a lot changes but those are also somewhat expected changes. What we are talking about here is the unexpected change and that is where the secret of beautiful, purposeful life exists, that life which you often dreamt of where you are superhero of your world.

Taking reference from my last article, and the movie Joker, “Have you seen what it’s like out there, Murray? Everybody just yells and screams at each other. Nobody’s civil anymore! Nobody thinks what it’s like to be the other guy.” Why is there so much frustration and not so kind out there? Because we are trying to fit in what is given to us from the circumstances and not what we want and what we deserve. We are so scared of the change, that we are ok with sticking into Toxic relationships, being there in dysfunctional families, being into job which we hate, etc.

What if you decide to take a jump of faith by changing, what worst can happen? You may fail, right? But then are you happy where you are? So even if you have failed, you got one less way of failing, it’s a success... right?

The stories of any reel or real heroes are about that one change he undergoes, to take responsibility of his life and stands up for himself. And yes, change is messy sometimes but then you can always take help. There are 100s of people out there who are trained and training themselves to help you to undergo this tough but much needed change in your life to make it beautiful, take their help.

Just decide, take that jump and see your growth through obstacles, hurdles and sometimes pain. But trust me when you get through this, a content, fulfilled and happy you are waiting for you to embrace...

- Neha Mogre

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