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Being DhairyaDian!

Being 25 and dreading Monday is something everyone has to face, isn't it? What if I tell you I am that one 25-year-old who doesn't dread Monday. How so? Because I have an off on Monday!

I work at a remote organization with a small yet power-packed team of passionate, fun, and lively people. Yes, we are a complete remote organization. And a lot of times people think since we are just starting out, working remotely we are not serious about our work. Some say “she is bored in her marriage”, and some say “they just want to do something before getting married, and then it all will stop.” We are 20-something women, who are not very serious about work but are very passionate and ambitious.

Anyway, the need to be serious to be genuine is highly overrated.

Is there a rule that says, be serious to be legit? And even if there is, well then Most rules aren't made to be broken but it’s time we broke those redundant ones.

If you are wondering how we do that, keep on reading

We work pan-world and are connected virtually with everyone including our clients. And yet for every inquiry, every problem we send audio notes filled with warmth so that the connect we want to be experienced is felt by everyone associated with us in any possible way.

We spend our weekends, happily, planning for the best, fun relatable content and courses to be delivered to our students, clients, and companies. Where our discussion includes work, fun and so many lessons each of us learns throughout. Our weekly huddle is a space for each member of the organization to express, explore and experience. We express. We argue. We disagree. But we never disrespect. This allows each member to freely put forth their honest opinions and ideas ranging from novice to groundbreaking- no exception. Each idea is taken up, explored, and tried out.

It is not just the employees exploring mindset is watered but also their zeal in life is held in high regard.

How so?

By following the principle that “work is what you do and not who you are.” Each of the employees is empowered to manage their work and life balance. Understanding that employee needs are evolving and individualized they are granted to take time-offs, and holidays at their convenience. This company culture of employee well-being is rooted in the whole-being of employees where they are supported to accelerate their career by taking up courses and gaining experience in a way they deemed necessary. This helps people here bridge the gap between the purpose of working and connection with life. Employees are considered human beings and not just paid workers. After all, when employees flourish, so will the organization.

And so 2 years down the line with reaching out we also made sure to reach in. This helped us build a family of passionate trailblazers and not just salaried employees.

- Pooja Inamke

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29 may 2022

It's a beautiful feeling for me to know that I have built something which is recognised by my team...thank you for this write up!!!!

Me gusta
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