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Dolce far niente The Art of doing nothing.

The exact meaning of the phrase ‘dolce far niente’ is pleasant idleness. While observing a lot of people do a lot of things on this audio on Instagram, I was super curious on what is it to do nothing? How would that feel? And are we really ever doing nothing? Because we are always doing something, right?!

Recently I went camping, I was kayaking in a lake and not so far was an old man fishing. I had stopped paddling and the kayak was pretty still in the lake. The sun was setting, it was calm, slightly windy. At that moment, I was doing nothing, just feeling. I was feeling the wind on my face, hearing the birds, watching the sunset. So technically though I was doing a lot, it felt like nothing, I was so much in that moment, so much present and so much one with my surrounding. And that is how I found my dolce far niente moment.

Through all the chaos we go through, we need these moments. We need to learn and master the art of doing nothing once in a while. Not everything has to make sense or have a reason, there can be times where you are enjoying your idleness, not looking forward to anything and just being.

An article in Economic Times Stated ‘Pleasure inherent in exploring the environment and relishing relationships eludes those who are bereft of time. Besides valuing small pleasures, we shouldn't feel guilty in savouring 'dolce far niente' occasionally.’ So what are the activities that feel like nothing? What makes you feel the most in the moment? While doing what, you feel one with your surrounding? With whom do you feel most at peace? What are your ‘dolce far niente’ moments?

- Abhidnya Girme

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Jun 05, 2022


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