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Janhit Main Jaari!

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.

William James

Why know about Psychology? It’s all elementary dear.

Brain and Mind, are the reason you know you exist. The same movie, you feel it was entertaining, I felt it was educating. The same world, you think it’s beautiful, I think it’s unfair. Things are the same, but the way we perceive them is different.

Remember when initially in love, he seems to be perfect and his habit of being carefree was the one thing that made you attracted to him. But after 4 years, it seems irresponsible and really troubling you. He is the same. What changed?

My mom hugging me in public made me feel safe when I was a child but now it is a bit embarrassing. Everyone calls me mummy's boy.

The environment and the conditions change and so do your perception.

In childhood, to get my parent’s attention I used to throw tantrums without using any words, and they knew I was actually hungry and so was acting out. Today when I mastered words as an English literature student, still can't express to my dad that I want to not marry so soon.

I know I need to forget my ex to move on and focus on my career, but the emotions take over and I end up sitting in a bar alone with a drink.

Yes, and in every inch of life, the way I perceive, the way I communicate, the way I make choices, the way I analyze the situation, and the way I have control over my emotions will make me who I am.

That is what knowing about psychology does. It is in simplest terms the study of human behavior. This human is not only others but you too.

Trauma, pain, and heartbreak will be there. We can't protect ourselves or our loved ones from that pain. But we can prepare ourselves for that. To respond and not react. To know why it feels that my partner has changed. Is there anything that can be changed to make life better? To know if a stranger on a bus is acting erratic, should we judge and shout at him, or few kind words can help him to calm down.

All these are life skills. Yes, professionals are there to help. But if we know some basics life can be more beautiful.

Understanding the “why” makes life simpler which not only helps you to better “what” and “how” in life but to know the “why of others”.

- Neha Mogre

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May 17, 2022

I can't believe I missed this one!so beautiful ❤️

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