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Modern Dating S1:E2023

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Lately, I have been thinking about love and relationships, so let me ask you this, are you a more "pehli nazar wala pyaar" person or someone open to "met on Bumble, dated for a while and fell in love"? Waiting for/writing a cute love letter or quickly going to slide into their DMs? Are you a full-on "Ishq wala love" person or would you rather binge-watch Modern Love?

Or maybe...both?

Modern dating is different from traditional dating in many ways, primarily due to changes in technology, social norms, and gender roles.

It is difficult to say whether modern dating is universally "better" than traditional dating, as people's experiences and preferences can vary greatly. 

However, there are some advantages that modern dating can offer:

More opportunities: With the rise of online dating and social media, people have more opportunities to meet potential partners than ever before. This means that people who might have had trouble meeting others in traditional dating settings, such as those who live in rural areas or have niche interests, can also get to know people with similar interests from all over the world.

Greater diversity: As social norms and gender roles have evolved; modern dating has become more diverse and accepting of different types of relationships and identities. This means that people who don't fit into traditional relationship molds, such as those in non-monogamous or LGBTQ+ relationships, can find acceptance and community in the modern dating world.

Increased communication: With the prevalence of text messaging and social media, communication in modern dating is often more frequent and open. This can help partners stay connected and build trust more quickly.

Greater autonomy: Modern dating is more egalitarian, with both men and women initiating contact and pursuing relationships. In modern dating, partners have more flexibility and autonomy to take charge and make choices that work best for them.

I have certainly felt this at times, do you also feel that there's increased pressure and anxiety due to the constant "need" of being in a relationship because "everyone has a partner"? Or have you ever questioned if the person you met online will behave the same way when you meet them offline?

"Love in the modern age is a complex idea. We're more connected than we've ever been, but with that comes its own set of problems."

-Will Darbyshire

While modern dating has its benefits, it also has some drawbacks. Here are some of the cons of modern dating:

Superficiality: Modern dating often places a lot of emphasis on physical appearance and instant gratification. This can lead to people being judged based on their looks rather than their personality or character.

Over-reliance on technology: Many people use dating apps or social media to meet potential partners, which can lead to a lack of genuine human connection and an over-reliance on technology to facilitate relationships.

Misrepresentation: People can misrepresent themselves online, either by using old or edited photos or by lying about their interests or intentions. This can not only lead to disappointment but can also prove to be dangerous at times.

Ghosting and breadcrumbing: With the rise of digital communication, it has become easier for people to avoid confrontation and simply stop responding to messages or calls. This can be hurtful and confusing for the person being ghosted or breadcrumbed.

The paradox of choice: With so many options on dating apps and websites, people may find it difficult to commit to one person and may constantly be searching for the next best thing.

Lack of commitment: With the ease of meeting new people and the prevalence of casual dating, some individuals may have a fear of commitment and may not be looking for a serious relationship.

The casualization of relationships: Hook-up culture has shifted towards more casual relationships, with people often preferring short-term hook-ups over long-term commitments. Due to this physical attraction and sexual compatibility often take precedence over the emotional connection and compatibility.

Comparison and competition: Social media and dating apps can create a culture of constant comparison and competition, where people may feel like they are always competing for being in a “happy relationship” and make you feel singled out and bad for being single which can lead to low self-esteem.

Ultimately, whether modern dating is "better" than traditional dating depends on individual preferences and needs, but as long as you are happily single or happily with your partner in a relationship of your preference then that's all that matters!

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Mar 14, 2023

This was a very interesting read!

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