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On the journey of love!

Updated: May 29, 2022

Do you remember your first love? Those stolen glances, excuses to be around them, the excitement to talk with them, blushing when friends tease you about it, was your first encounter with love something similar? Love seems so different during teenage years. Its so dreamy, so pure, dictated by the smallest things we do for each other.

Love is described as the most beautiful feeling. Our poets and writers have romanticized it through all these poems, shayrees, stories and plays. When basically it’s just high levels of Dopamine and a related hormone norepinephrine are being released. Sounds quite boring when it is put like that right? In real life it is this amazing feeling, this feeling grows and hurts and makes you laugh, and take you through this roller coaster ride. Overall, love is an important part of our lives.

As we grow older so does Love, here by love I mean our understanding of it. Our concept of Love gets a deeper meaning. This also happens because we also truly begin our journeys of self-love. In adulthood love is dictated by clarity. We start exploring more and put ourselves out there. We start understanding what we are willing to contribute to love.

Love evolves. Our faith in it breaks and restores in it from time to time. Every heartbreak and every newfound hope in love just makes us appreciate it. We also learn to love ourselves a bit extra through this journey. Love helps us become kinder, to ourselves and others. These small achievements in love are so important, the growing clarity, the developing stability and the first time you discover your love language are so beautiful. Have you ever

introspected about these moments? Learning to Love is these small moments, these small moments of you, discovering these things about yourselves.

Love is difficult to define and understand. There is always this intangible to it which is unexplainable. Our journeys of learning to love are our own, very subjective. But we all feel it, it’s equally universal. During my conversations of love with my grandmother, she told me that our initial encounters with love are dictated by the thought of what we are getting, there is nothing wrong with it, that’s how its supposed to be, but later on with age, love should be about giving. The more love you give, the more love you receive.

- Abhidnya Girme

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Apr 24, 2022

It's very nice👍👍


Apr 24, 2022

Very Nice👌👌

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