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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Ptttt…. The sound of notification and the blink of small blue light told me someone messaged me on Facebook messenger. Not sure but I have an obsessive compulsion to respond. I don’t even see the person whom I am responding to but I do. So, I opened the message. And this was some door ka dost. Yes, thanks to Facebook, we all have 'door ka dost'. He said,” I followed all your posts and I saw you are so lucky. Being a woman in her 30s you are having too much fun. Only if we all have that luck.” Something hit me. “Lucky” , “Women", “fun”.

And then I just saw not only me, there were so many “LUCKY” women around me. And the word lucky actually means “BRAVE”. For a long time, women were expected to be caring, loving, giving, forgiving and all this by calling her the strong “KALI”. This pedestal on which we have been placed forcibly with inducements of being that “ONE” who holds the families together, who holds the world together. But were we asked if we wanted to be on that pedestal? What about the blood oozing from my feet by standing without a break on that pedestal?

But my dear, after so much of work and efforts of the known and unknown, the women have finally decided to get down and walk with men sharing the responsibility. These brave lucky women are the ones who decided they are humans and not “GODS” and have the full right to live and love. Love themselves, Live for themselves. And when her courage is so endearing, even the men can’t dare to challenge her commitment to herself and they join hands with her resulting in a BRAVE WOMAN WHO HAVE FUN. This woman is a woman because she identifies herself as a woman, that’s it.

Written by - Ms. Neha Mogre

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Mar 13, 2022

One of your bests neha!


Mar 12, 2022

Great Blog

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