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What does loving yourself mean?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

It is never too late to love yourself, but it is too late to never!

People (mostly clients) often ask me what is the difference between pampering yourself and self love? Wont self love make you lazy because if you tell me to love myself I will probably just rest in the name of self-love.

A beautiful question which I really like answering.

Do you feel a disciplined person lacks self-love, do you feel a person on diet lacks self-love, do you feel a person studying for an exam lacks self-love and do you feel someone who takes a vacation for a month lacks self-love?

We seldom confuse ourselves by assuming that self-love is like become a permissive parent, where you give in the demands. But no. What is self-love actually?

Self-love is when you do things because you know your worth. You take breaks when you need to and then get back to work because you know that again you love yourself and so you need to keep moving forward in life. You eat your favourite dish on a Saturday night and then go the gym the next day because when you eat something also you do it because you want to make yourself happy and when you go to the gym also, you want to keep your body healthy because you love it.

In life, remember this one thing, if something is coming out from a place of hatred for yourself, its not right. If you go to the gym because you hate your body, if you want to go to work because you hate being alone or when you always keep yourself busy because you don't like being with yourself, something is not right.

When you accept yourself at your worst, you create a possibility of a potential future which has growth, warmth and love in it. Your drive can not be that "I hate who I am." The drive should be "I want to get better because I love myself."

It is okay if you still struggle with self-love and self- acceptance. It is okay if you fight everyday to be there for yourself. What matters is even after every fight, you never give up.

Yes, many of us are late to the table of "self-love" but when we do get there, we have more wisdom and strength which we carry within us.

Even though we love being punctual in life (some of us :p) its not really about who came before you and why are you late. Its about "hey, you came" and "god, you look amazing" that counts.

Self-love is the most beautiful feeling and reality that will free you. Free you in a way, only to cage you in your own arms for the rest of your life."

Written by - Aishwarya Kale

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