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Saying Yes to Love!

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Ahh, Love! Something that even today is very difficult to define. Is it love when my mother waits to have her food after mine, is it love when a father waits for his child to reach home, is it love when a brother/sister hides your mischiefs when you are not around? Is it love the way your partner takes care of the house when you have to work, Is it love, when your friends leave their work aside when you have a bad day, or is it love when your neighbors cook your favorite food on your birthday?

What if I don't accept the offer of dinner with my neighbors, what if I don't share my bad days with my friends, what if I don't tell my partner that I need his help, what if I eat food outside without communicating that to my mother and what if I don't answer my father's concerns while he keeps awake for me.

Many of the times we are bad at receiving love because we don't see ourselves as worthy enough to be loved in the first place. We try to believe in the perceptions of being unloving and we make a world of our own that no one can break. And eventually when the receiving stops, so will the expression someday.

Love as beautiful as a feeling it may be, can only be alive through our acts of expressing and receiving. You cannot keep love alive without letting it live. When you say "I love him/her a lot but I just can't show" it does mean that your love is alive but not able to live!

If love is like a box of mithai, you have to open it, enjoy it, savor it. You just cannot keep it safe as it is and say that "oh look, I have mithai at home." If you're not able to live it, it's not alive. Unlike a pack of mithai that gets empty once we eat it, love is a box of mithai that we keep on giving and receiving which is the reason that the box always remains full whilst we enjoy it. But when we never dare to open it, even for sharing, how are we supposed to enjoy it?

Love is something that is meant to be seen, heard, cherished, and lived!

-Aishwarya Kale

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15 abr 2022

So beautifully put..The analogy with a box of mithai really hits home❤️

Me gusta
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